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Where nature-inspired design meets 100% stoneware build. Dedicated to creating pieces that seamlessly blend durability and style, Nosse Ceramics collection is microwave and dishwasher safe, making everyday use a breeze. 

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Inspired by natural and organic shapes in everyday products

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Gharyan Stoneware Stoneware Pasta Plate | Youlha 20 cm Demetr StoreYoulha Stoneware Pasta Plate
Gharyan Stoneware
Gharyan Stoneware Stoneware Dinner Plate with Handles Demetr StoreGharyan Stoneware Stoneware Dinner Plate with Handles Demetr Store
AARVEN Olive Wood Flat Mixing Spoon Demetr StoreAARVEN Olive Wood Flat Mixing Spoon Demetr Store
Gharyan Stoneware Stoneware Flat Dessert Plate | Epa 20 cm Demetr StoreEpa Stoneware Flat Plate
Gharyan Stoneware
Epa Stoneware Flat Plate Sale price$21.00


At Demetr, we believe in the holistic approach of 'Ethical by Design'. We perceive design as not just an aesthetic choice, but also as a reflection of our core values. Each product is thoughtfully sourced, ensuring minimal environmental impacts, and promoting a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.


Our commitment extends beyond design, into a brands production process. We ensure ethical production by steadfastly adhering to fair trade principles. We prioritise worker welfare, providing liveable wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and respecting their rights. Our goal is to create a space where innovation thrives without compromising human dignity and societal values.


Above all, we firmly champion ethical sourcing. Each product we sell is responsibly sourced, with due respect to its origin, sustainability, and the many hands it passes through. We are committed to meet a world standard recognised for responsible sourcing that upholds people, planet, and profits in a balanced perspective.


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