Medium Serving Bowls

Barton Crofts' serving bowls are all oven safe – they like to cook in them from oven-to-table, giving you more time to fully enjoy the company; simplicity served. Barton Crofts' special clay blend retains the heat well, helping to keep your food warm until they’re ready to go back for seconds.

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Color: Djion

Product specification

Barton Croft's serving bowls are all oven safe – perfect for cooking in and displaying at the table, so you can spend time to savour the company; effortless elegance.

The special clay blend retains the heat well, prolonging warmth for second helpings.

The medium size is perfect for a variety of dishes, from pasta, vegetables, rice, salad and summer berries.

Crafted for daily use, coordinate this size with other pieces to craft your own look.

Available in four muted shades, this is an essential to elevate everyday dining.

Mix and match your set - Barton Croft's complementary colours bring custom vibes to your table.


Barton Croft

Discover Barton Croft's versatile pottery collection, designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to function individually as a staple plate, bowl, dish, or cup, or can be effortlessly combined to form a cohesive set.

Barton Croft pottery is made to withstand frequent use, featuring exceptional durability and resistance against chips. Plus, it's conveniently dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

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