With Barton Crofts' recently updated design, their handcrafted mugs feature a tactile hammered finish.  A favourite way to hold is to thread your fingers through the handle and cup your hands around the body for a moment of calm

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Color: Djion

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This handmade mug elegantly fits the contours of your hand, while the subtle hammered finish is both pleasing to the touch and captures the light.

Crafted from quality stoneware blended clay, you'll rely on these everyday bowls day after day.

Resilient enough to withstand regular use.

The wide, comfortable handle makes it easy to carry and hold. Too good to keep in the cupboard, this will quickly become your go-to mug.

Mix and match your set to create unique and true-to-you tableware.


Barton Croft

Discover Barton Croft's versatile pottery collection, designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to function individually as a staple plate, bowl, dish, or cup, or can be effortlessly combined to form a cohesive set.

Barton Croft pottery is made to withstand frequent use, featuring exceptional durability and resistance against chips. Plus, it's conveniently dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

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