Bubble Dish

Crafted from borosilicate glass, this charming dish comes in 4 shades & 2 sizes. An ideal addition to any dining table, office desk or bedside, the food-grade dish boasts a charming bubble in which to store treats, stationery & jewellery.

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Color: Green
Size: Medium

Product specification

Block Design's love of bubbles harks back to childhood, an immediate way to raise a smile and bring joy to life.

The Bubble Collection harnesses this nostalgia, fairy tale pieces for the home. The colourful glass dishes appear to have caught a floating bubble passing by.

Delicately suspended within the glass, the whimsical orbs are fused within clean straight lines. Each beautiful handmade piece celebrates the craftsmanship behind the design.

Borosilicate glass is crafted for quality and durability, making it the perfect choice for those who prize superior performance. Boasting superior temperature resistance, increased shock resistance, and nonporous material, this glass has a distinct advantage over traditional glass.

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Block Design

In the year 2000, Block Design was established shortly after Tara Ashe's graduation. Being a person with a passion for design and an engineering background, Tara was eager to create a range of lifestyle products that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Her first creation was a vase, and since then, Block Design has expanded its collection to include desk accessories, jewellery, and a variety of homeware products.

Fast forward 20 years, and Tara is now the proud leader of a team of seven talented creatives, each playing an integral role in the design and production process. Together, they collaborate daily in the studio, which is a hub of creativity, innovation, and colour.

Block Design takes great pride in their products, which all originate from their studio situated above their workshop. Their focus is on delivering the highest quality design and finish in every piece.

Colour plays a significant role in Block Design's collection, and they meticulously select their colour palettes to reflect both current trends and classic design movements. With no more than two components, each product offers a simple, yet practical solution for desks and homes alike. Bold, geometric lines and shapes are at the forefront of Block Design's design philosophy.

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