Japanese Styled Plates

Presenting Gohobi, a classic yet elegant tableware stoneware plate made with the traditional Japanese style.

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Size: 17.7cm

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Fashioned meticulously from heavyweight ceramic, this dish promises to amplify the allure of your dining ensemble. Relish the elegance and practicality of this exquisite artifact that embodies the quintessence of Japanese refinement and culture.

Each artifact is unique and emanates superior quality. Being handmade, there might be minute variances distinguishing one item from another.



Gohobi, stationed in London, is renowned for its handmade homeware and lifestyle offerings. Drawing profound inspiration from Asian ceramic arts and historical influences, this brand ingeniously redefines tea culture. Gohobi directly collaborates with artists, manufacturers, and farmers, seamlessly encapsulating the charm of East Asia to serve it in Europe.

Gohobi spearheads initiatives like tea ceremonies, ikebana, and various cultural workshops, underscoring its commitment to celebrating diversity, empowering local communities, and propagating the importance of wellness.

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