The Little Allotment Company Grow Your Own Spring Beginner Kit

 A beginner collection chosen for the UK Spring growing season. The kit offers a sample variety of some of the most popular seeds grown in the UK. From 3 different types of flower seeds, to entice bumble bees and beneficial insects into your garden. Cosmos, Sunflower & Sweet Pea seeds, to high yielding organic vegetable seeds, packed with nutrients perfect for home grown produce, included are Petit Pois Peas, Sweetcorn & Tomato seeds for you to begin your very own Little Allotment.


12 Eco-friendly coir pellets

6 Natural fibre plant pots

6 Wooden label sticks

Wooden Pencil

Burgon and Ball hand Trowel

Instructions & Top Tips

6 Seed Packets: Cosmos, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Organic Petit Pois Peas, Sweetcorn & Tomato

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Product specification

Spring Beginner Kit. Learn as you grow with The Spring Beginner Kit brought to you by The Little Allotment Company.


The Little Allotment Company

The Little Allotment Company is passionate about helping the environment and offers an array of organic seeds with clearly laid out and easy to follow instructions, to start an exciting gardening journey.

From biodegradable to compostable, all their products and packaging are eco-friendly and recyclable.

This mission began in Spring 2021 when they launched ‘The Spring Beginner Kit’, which fostered a love for gardening and its many benefits for mental and physical health.

To inspire others, whatever their skills, to start their own little allotment, The Little Allotment Company created an array of kits that provide a sense of nurturing and wellbeing with nature. All while being conscious of their approaches to create a positive environmental impact.

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