Handmade Raised Stand Bowl

Gohobi Handmade Ceramic Raised Stand Bowl offers the perfect combination of form and function. 

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Elevated on a pedestal, its elegant stoneware plate with luxurious Japanese style tableware creates an artistic centrepiece .

Let its timeless beauty add a cultured touch to your dining experience.

Each piece is unique and high quality. As these are all handmade, they may be slightly different from one piece to another.

Sold individually.



Gohobi, stationed in London, is renowned for its handmade homeware and lifestyle offerings. Drawing profound inspiration from Asian ceramic arts and historical influences, this brand ingeniously redefines tea culture. Gohobi directly collaborates with artists, manufacturers, and farmers, seamlessly encapsulating the charm of East Asia to serve it in Europe.

Gohobi spearheads initiatives like tea ceremonies, ikebana, and various cultural workshops, underscoring its commitment to celebrating diversity, empowering local communities, and propagating the importance of wellness.

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