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The LoofCo Mini Scrub Brushes are hand-made in Sri Lanka from coconut coir fibre twisted around a galvanised metal core with a handy metal hanging loop.
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Size: Mini

Product specification

Coir is the fibrous material found beneath the matured brown coconut husk. Its unique properties make it ideal for making brushes.

Mini: Each hand-held brush measures approximately 7cm x 5.5cm (excluding loop).

The traditional design of the LoofCo Mini Scrub Brush creates rigid directional fibres for scrubbing power in small spaces.

Large: Each hand-held brush measures a generous 15.5cm x10cm (excluding loop).

Easy to grip and perfect for garden & household jobs like cleaning pots, scrubbing bricks, decking, patio furniture or outdoor tiles.

To Use: Rinse thoroughly before first use.

Immerse in warm water and use with detergent. A small yet robust brush that is perfect for scrubbing sinks, chopping boards, pans and getting into corners. Great size for camping too.

After use, rinse and squeeze out excess water and hang to dry from the metal loop.

Occasionally soak in hot water with washing-up liquid and air dry to freshen brush. Long lasting in normal use and when worn out the fibres are biodegradable and core can be recycled.



Experience the power of sustainable cleaning with LoofCo's unique range of products, made from natural plant fibres of loofah and coconut. LoofCo products are entirely plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional scourers, brushes, exfoliators, and sponges. 

Our traditional designs have been passed down through generations, and they're proven to be highly effective for all your washing-up and cleaning needs. 

When combined with water, our loofahs expand into spongy, yet durable pads that can tackle even the toughest stains. They're also gentle enough to use as a skin exfoliator during your personal care routine. 

Meanwhile, coconut coir fibers provide excellent non-scratch scrubbing power while remaining stiff when wet, making them perfect for cleaning. Plus, both loofah and coconut plant fibers are incredibly durable and can last for months, making them a cost-effective cleaning solution for any household. 

Discover the sustainable cleaning power of LoofCo today!

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