Svelte Divided Platter Stone

This beautiful stoneware 20cm divided platter boasts an organic, sleek shape which perfectly balances a modern design with traditional craft, bringing a contemporary feel to your table.
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This simple yet elegant aesthetic ensures adaptability to a variety of occasions - perfect for mixing and matching across the whole Svelte range. Made from strong, durable stoneware featuring warm, natural hues in a range of sizes and shapes, the Nosse Svelte ranges provides the perfect tabletop solution.

This collection expresses itself in a pioneering eco-sustainable glaze, which is made from 100% recycled materials. Committed to preserving our environment, Nosse ceramics are produced using zero waste production methods, ensuring all excess clay, glazes & production moulds are recycled and reused.

Each piece is unique.


Nosse Ceramics

Introducing Nosse Ceramics - where nature-inspired design meets 100% stoneware build.

Dedicated to creating pieces that seamlessly blend durability and style, Nosse Ceramics collection is microwave and dishwasher safe, making everyday use a breeze. They take pride in their innovative approach to sustainability; each Nosse Ceramic piece features a unique eco-conscious glaze made entirely from recycled materials.

Nosse Ceramics commitment to environmental preservation guides their process. All of their ceramics are borne from zero waste production practices, guaranteeing that every bit of surplus clay, glazes, and moulds are recycled and returned into their creation process.

Experience the distinctiveness of Nosse Ceramics where every unit is a work of art in its own right - because at Nosse, they believe the best pieces aren't just made, they're crafted.

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